About Joss

My name’s Joss – I’m an independent software engineer, business owner and musician from London, currently between-homes. I live to learn, love to explore and can’t seem to stop meeting nice people.


I’ve been coding since the early ’00s, when I began writing crude Doom-style shoot-em-up games and selling them online, to a mixture of confusion and cheer from my family. Things have changed a lot since then, but my love of technology and business hasn’t.

In 2010 I graduated from a Music degree, majoring in Piano and Composition, with flying colours – much to the chagrin of my peers, who noted that I spent more time building and managing (and later destroying) one of London’s foremost VIP event companies than studying Schoenberg or Schnittke.

But right before I left University I gave up being a professional party guy, to follow my dreams… and become a professional geek.

I moved to Hong Kong for some reason, where I lived and loved for 18 months. Then a complete emotional and spiritual burnout forced my escape, and I hit the road.

Since then, I’ve been through some indescribably tough but life-affirming experiences, and scraped myself off the floor many times. I’ve glimpsed what life can be, and devoted myself to the service of great ideas and hard work.

“So… What Do You Do?”

Cut back to mid-2012: amidst all the life-chaos, a side-project from my final months as Lead Product Developer at a big-data startup in HK had begun to take on a life of its own.

Open Exchange Rates has since been through 3 redesigns, several backend overhauls, and is my main focus - the rest of my time is spent traveling, meeting people, learning, playing and creating things with smart people.

It’s 1st January 2013. Good things are on the way and we have work to do!