I live to learn and love to explore. For the time being I’m focused on sharing the journey back to music and connection with those who share my values. I’m founder and CEO of a company. I’m exploring a life of conscious work, play, diet and routine. I’m into various forms of improvisational theatre, dance, massage and bodywork.

Open Exchange Rates

A hot, humid night, some time late 2011: dreaming of fame and appreciation, up all night in an empty office overlooking Hong Kong harbour, I had an itch and scratched it.

Fast-forward to 2015: Open Exchange Rates has grown through many iterations, from a weekend hack-project, to a lifestyle business, and now to a market-leader in its own right, far beyond my imagination.

We’re the fastest growing player in our industry, loved by our tens of thousands of clients – who include Etsy, Shopify, Kickstarter, Lonely Planet,, JustGiving, SoundCloud, WordPress/Automattic – and many we’re not allowed to name. And we’re loathed by the few dozen out-of-touch and out-of-date old-timers in our market.

From the beginning, our simple offering has organically attracted an enthusiastic and engaged developer audience. Today we’re at the top of our niche, serving early startups and independent retailers through to major universities, international non-profits and global brands.

I love to see how our simple service is touching the lives of tens of millions every day and enabling the world to operate just a little more efficiently, thanks to our clean, no-bullshit approach.