Introducing MotionCAPTCHA: Stop Spam, Draw Shapes

MotionCAPTCHA is a jQuery plugin, combining MrDoob’s Harmony Canvas experiment with the best parts of two gesture recognition algorithms, that requires users to draw the shape they see in order to submit a form.

MotionCAPTCHA jQuery plugin

Although it’s a proof-of-concept for now, I’m pretty confident that I can turn this into a production-ready CAPTCHA solution, featuring a PHP Captcha fallback, proper accessibility methods and server-side authorisation.

Killing spam has never been so artistic!

Try out MotionCAPTCHA (Demo) •  Plugin Homepage

Make sure to watch the repository on Github to see when this thing becomes production-ready. I’m pumped about it!

Check out the code on Github

PS. Thanks for all the awesome and kind support everyone’ given so far on Forrst and around the interwebs. Y’all are great!