MotionCAPTCHA 0.2 – iPhone, iPad and Android support

MotionCAPTCHA 0.2 is now tagged, which makes the basic functionality work on mobiles and tablets (android/iOS). It’s still not ready for production use, but I’m pretty stoked to be able to play with it on mobiles.

I’ve had some amazing feedback and an awesome response from over 100,000 testers (whoa!) – so if you’re reading this and you tested out / tweeted / commented on the first version, thanks so much!

MotionCAPTCHA 0.2 Demo  •  Plugin Homepage  •  Code on Github

Next weekend I’m getting cracking on v0.3, which will (possibly) feature IE support via excanvas and adding a shapey-switcharoo method for changing the shape (in case you’re finding the arrow a bit of a challenge)

After that, I’ll be building it up from scratch as a production-ready CAPTCHA plugin.

Version 1.0 will:

  • as a default, use a traditional PHP image-based CAPTCHA (to beat 99.9% of spam bots)
  • add the option to allow assisted-mobility users to switch back to a default CAPTCHA (so that they can submit the form via audio captcha or letters)
  • progressively enhance to MotionCAPTCHA only if the user’s browser supports it
  • maybe add more shapes and make a bunch of other improvements

These will address many of the accessibility and security concerns raised by many of the early testers.

I’d love people to get involved – so if you read the roadmap and think “Hey, I can code this better than this asshole!” – please fork it, make changes and submit apull request and I’ll try to get it merged in!

(No offense taken about the asshole comment)